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Enzyme Nutrition

Enzyme nutrition is the art and science of using nutrition to maintain homeostasis and health in the body. It works with the body’s innate intelligence to bring the body to optimal health using whole foods that contain protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes, rather than trying to manipulate it by using chemical compounds that produce side effects.

We use proven and time-honored standards to nutritionally support the body. We recognize that the best sources of nutrients are not concentrated chemical compounds but whole foods with contents that act synergistically when properly digested and assimilated.

Dr. Silver has been specially trained in Enzyme Replacement Nutrition Therapy . He has been certified as a Digestive Health Specialist by the the Loomis Institute and as an Internal Health Specialist by Logan Chiropractic College.

Please view the two videos below for a more detailed explanation of how we can help you.

Enzymes: Your Health in the Balance  (8:38)

This program raises key issues concerning the foods we eat and how modern technology, in an effort to prolong shelf life, has taken a vital ingredient out of our supply of fresh fruits and vegetables. The loss of digestion-enhancing enzymes naturally occurring in our foods could have profound effects on the health of many consumers.

Enzymes: Your Health in the Balance

Restoring Your Health Naturally:

Resolving Your Symptoms  (9:34)

This program presents an alternative strategy. It introduces a system designed to first identify the causes and then to support your body's natural abilities to heal. This video will provide you with background information for the methods that your health care practitioner will be using to start you on a natural approach to healing and restoring your body to a more balanced and healthy state.

Restoring Your Health Naturally: Resolving Your Symptoms

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