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Meet the Staff

  • Centria

    My name is Centria Dorsey.  I am a graduate of the Baltimore School of Massage and have been practicing as a licensed massage therapist since 2012. In 2017 I joined Silver Wellness Center and became a licensed Chiropractic Assistant as well. Here at SWC my understanding of bodywork and alternative pain management has grown much. The team is wonderful! Learning is smiled upon and encouraged. The atmosphere is warm, friendly and conducive for healing. I'm very glad I answered this call and look forward to being here for a long time helping our patients. I am also the proud owner of At Ease Wellness and Resource Center.

  • Kathie

    Hi my name is Kathie. I have been a certified Chiropractic Assistance since 2004. When I started with Dr. Silver in 2004 this was just a job, not a career. I wasn’t sure how I felt about the whole “chiropractic thing”. When Dr. Silver enrolled me into school to become a certified CA, I realized it was the best decision ever.  It helped me and pushed me to be the best person for this job as well as to be the best mom for my children. My children have been adjusted since they were young children. I was always told to do what their doctor told me, but after being adjusted for various illnesses and seeing how chiropractic boosted their immune system, they are much healthier. Now they only go to their doctors for checkups. I enjoy coming to work every day and working with the patients because I know that I am helping them to improve their health and having a positive impact on their life. The coworkers that I have are the best!  We are together so much that they have become more then coworkers, but family. We help each other with all the duties and responsibilities in the office. Dr. Silver will always have a special place in my heart and in my family. He has made be the person I am, and I am truthy grateful for him giving me a chance at this career. This is where I belong, and this is where you belong.

  • Christina

    My name is Christina Schreiber. I have been with Silver Wellness Center since May 2018. I am the front desk manager and also the patient advocate. I am also a patient here, so I know first-hand that Dr. Silver is great at what he does. My health and my aches and pain have improved greatly since starting care. I have also seen miracles happen here at our office, from small children to the elderly. I have never been happy with a job as much as I with this job. I love interacting with our patients. I also love making sure that our patients get the best possible care and results they can get. I'm very happy and outgoing and willing to go the extra for our patients. We are a very warm, loving and caring practice. I look forward to personally welcoming you and helping you get well.

  • Lindsay

    My name is Lindsay and I have been a Certified Chiropractic Assistant with Dr. Silver since 2011. During my time here, I have witnessed some pretty amazing improvements with patients because of their Chiropractic care! Since having my son Marshall in October 2018 (who also receives adjustments!) I have become a sort of renaissance women around the office. I currently dedicate most of my time in the Billing Department, but I have run the front desk in the past and now also assist my fellow co-workers at the Front Desk and in the Physical Therapy and Rehab dept. The relationships that I have built with our patients over the years I can say is the BEST part of my job here at Silver Wellness Center. Dr. Silver is also the BEST boss ever. He truly cares about his staff and his patients and wants everyone to be and feel their best. We truly are a chiropractic family.

  • Sharif

    My name is Sharif Magruder. I have been a licensed massage therapist since 2008. In 2014 I also became a certified Chiropractic Assistant and joined the Silver Wellness Center team. At that time, I was the only LMT and was tasked with helping to build the muscle therapy dept. We now have 2 more LMTs who have been with us for years. The environment here is one of friendship and teamwork. We all work together with our own unique set of skills to treat and help our patients with their various different health issues. I myself am very adept at listening to our patient’s problems and concerns and work together with Dr. Silver to help resolve them. I really enjoy doing deep tissue muscle work and seeing our patients get better. I have worked for other chiropractic offices and am confident in saying that we at the Silver Wellness Center are special. We are a family dedicated to helping people get better.

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